Conversations about Thrive

Conversations about Thrive

Recommended to me for the second time today by someone I work with – I’m through part I – which unfortunately (for Travis) involved me staring at him to see his body language responses. Because he studied Space Engineering I really take him as an authority on E.T’s, U.F.O’s and mathscience in general.  My humanities background is not up to the task of skepticism, and I quickly fall back into my belief/paranoia regarding conspiracy theories and aliens.

The Science sounds, sound.  We will have to finish it tomorrow.

750 words a day, every day.

750 words a day, every day.

I’m taking the 750 word challenge at

It’s a really neat idea, equivalent, I suppose, to writing in a journal everyday. Except someone is keeping tabs, and if you don’t write for one day you go on a wall of shame, and if you write everyday you get animal badges and go on the wall of awesome. Which is much more fun than writing in a lame journal, because internet geeks are keeping tabs on you.