Where’d You Go?

After a fairly consistent run of posting every other day, I stopped writing…here.

I am currently working on another project with my pal, Kate – at Kath or Kate.

As we find our footing on Kath or Kate, I think we are going to be working more with practical, DIY projects. At the present point in time we are focusing on the Holiday season – especially DIY crafts, and things for the home.

As such, So Much to See and Do will remain my alter ego – the part of myself that cannot sit still, and will not spend more than 10 minutes in the kitchen or painting Christmas ornaments. As I get a bit older, and more settled, I’ve started to really enjoy the time I spend on creative projects – however, there still exists a restless 11 year old inside, that just wants to go and jump from activity to activity and see and do stuff.

Keep seeing and doing!


Mt. Warning Australia