D.I.Y of the week(end)


This was a $5 table at the salvos (we’re Australian now.. salvation army). The table was supposed to live outside, but as the dog started using our outside furniture to escape, and it was the ideal size for a coffee table – the outside crummy table was soon the centrepiece of our living room. This weekend I did a touch up paint. Inspired by some colourful placemats (and after a few glasses of home made beer) (I am supporting my partners hobbies!)

I decided to do a stencil dot pattern. I started in one corner, but as you can see it’s now extended.. I am hoping to have the whole top section done in multiple colours, then seal it with this new acrylic / modge podge replacement the man at the craft store recommended.

My mom is coming for six weeks shortly and I want to impress her with my new craftiness and home making ability.

(I have a track record from childhood of a “short attention span” and “impetuousness” …oh candy crush level unlocked.)

Emu Production – Update


Emu Key Ring


I made my first sale at a local vintage themed market. I had piggybacked on a friend’s stall, and was too scared to ask how it went in case it was a total flop (I didn’t go with them). But someone DID buy one.

Only one, but it was a sale. Part of their payment was in Canadian currency…

But it was a sale!

Quitting my day job – 1, Continuing to work for the man – 0


Things my Dog has Eaten and Shown Us He Can Do Over the Last Two Weeks

He can:

– Jump up on patio furniture

– Balance on patio furniture to escape the yard

– Jump up on the dining room table

– Digest chocolate (see above)

Things he has eaten, or tried to eat:

– A chair

– Fun size chocolate bars

– Shampoo samples

– Cardboard

He is obviously bored, so he has gotten trips to the dog beach and extra time at the dog park.

I’ve been reading about the train the trainer courses at work… I think he could run them.

A trainer / dog in a tie and glasses. Adorable. I’d be in.




Fact – before I got a dog, I “rescued” a half dead skink from our side walk. He lived in a Pyrex glass dish for a week and eventually I bought a terrarium (and some crickets for him to eat). It’s illegal to keep wild skinks in Australia so I didn’t tell the pet shop guy about my damaged skink. It was actually probably more so that I didn’t want him to think I was a weirdo.. Which happened a lot my first 6 months or so. Anyway, the skink was eventually released to be eaten by a bird or equivalent, and we got a dog… How far we have come, I left this guy to his own devices on our gate. Even though it looks like his spinal cord is hanging out. As the Aussies would say … he ll be right.