Things my Dog has Eaten and Shown Us He Can Do Over the Last Two Weeks (Updated)

He can:

– Jump up on patio furniture

– Balance on patio furniture to escape the yard

– Jump up on the dining room table

– Digest chocolate (see above)

Things he has eaten, or tried to eat:

– A chair

– Another chair

-More of the first chair (he has developed a taste for foam?)

– Fun size chocolate bars

– Shampoo samples

– Cardboard

– A tube of acrylic paint.. yeah we are not leaving anything on the dining room table anymore.

We are now in the process of moving into a house with an escape proof outside jail … I mean yard.

He must know we are moving because he has taken to sleeping under our bed, and waking us up at 4 am when something moves in the backyard.

We can’t say he is not vigilant in regards to our safety and security.