1 Year Down (Under)

pram (stroller), bub (baby), creche (daycare)

avro (afternoon)

avo (avocado), capsicum (bell pepper), brekkie (breakfast), frosties (cereal), tomato sauce (ketchup), sachet (packaging)

bikie(biker – as in biker gang), tradie (trades person), sparky (electrician)

shazzer(??), bazzer (Barry – name), ranger (red head, so ooo offensive)

boardies (board shorts), togs/ swimmers (swimsuits), thongs (flip flops), jumper (sweater)

fuel/petrol (gas), bitumen (asphalt), wagon (suv), fourbie (4×4) (sp?)

lift (elevator), car park (parking lot), foot path (sidewalk), jug (pitcher – or kettle)

my shout (my treat),

As we mark one year in Australia I stare up at the ceiling before I go to bed and think of the words I use nearly all the time. My parents have come to visit from Canada, and I notice the differences in vocabulary a lot more.

It is a coping mechanism, to use slang as much as possible. I still say things from time to time that most people in my life (here) think are weird.

A recent example – a friend wanted me to bring a “jug” to a barbeque so that she could make juice. In Canada we would call it a pitcher. Driving home, I asked for the pitcher back, and she had no idea what I was talking about, and her and another friend started laughing. They laughed at the use of pitcher, but not at the left over label on the jug / pitcher “Jesus Juice” (from a party before we left Canada – sometimes I think I am pretty funny / clever).

I didn’t really think that much had changed between a year ago and today – but it’s snowballed and I’ve realized some very specific and unique things have changed:

  • Can peel and cut up a mango – a year ago it was a juicy mess
  • Can make decent guacamole (greek yoghurt, garlic salt, lemon, avocado) AND cut up an avocado properly
  • Can drive a manual car
  • Can drive a 4×4 manual car
  • Not (as) afraid of spiders
  • Not (as) afraid of the ocean
  • Relationship to the outside world in general

Also – we found a tree frog hiding in the boot / trunk of our wagon/suv. This, of course, was after driving about 25 km to pick up my parents at the airport. There is nowhere to put a fist sized tree frog when you are in the middle of a car park/parking lot.

The frog managed to survive the return trip, and I was able to get him out of the wagon – remembering that human skin is generally not very good for frogs, I grabbed my gardening gloves first.

It looked like he was ok.


Surprise ! I’m in your car !


Goodbye Frog !

Bring on 2014 !

Where’d You Go?

After a fairly consistent run of posting every other day, I stopped writing…here.

I am currently working on another project with my pal, Kate – at Kath or Kate.

As we find our footing on Kath or Kate, I think we are going to be working more with practical, DIY projects. At the present point in time we are focusing on the Holiday season – especially DIY crafts, and things for the home.

As such, So Much to See and Do will remain my alter ego – the part of myself that cannot sit still, and will not spend more than 10 minutes in the kitchen or painting Christmas ornaments. As I get a bit older, and more settled, I’ve started to really enjoy the time I spend on creative projects – however, there still exists a restless 11 year old inside, that just wants to go and jump from activity to activity and see and do stuff.

Keep seeing and doing!


Mt. Warning Australia

Things my Dog has Eaten and Shown Us He Can Do Over the Last Two Weeks (Updated)

He can:

– Jump up on patio furniture

– Balance on patio furniture to escape the yard

– Jump up on the dining room table

– Digest chocolate (see above)

Things he has eaten, or tried to eat:

– A chair

– Another chair

-More of the first chair (he has developed a taste for foam?)

– Fun size chocolate bars

– Shampoo samples

– Cardboard

– A tube of acrylic paint.. yeah we are not leaving anything on the dining room table anymore.

We are now in the process of moving into a house with an escape proof outside jail … I mean yard.

He must know we are moving because he has taken to sleeping under our bed, and waking us up at 4 am when something moves in the backyard.

We can’t say he is not vigilant in regards to our safety and security.

D.I.Y of the week(end)


This was a $5 table at the salvos (we’re Australian now.. salvation army). The table was supposed to live outside, but as the dog started using our outside furniture to escape, and it was the ideal size for a coffee table – the outside crummy table was soon the centrepiece of our living room. This weekend I did a touch up paint. Inspired by some colourful placemats (and after a few glasses of home made beer) (I am supporting my partners hobbies!)

I decided to do a stencil dot pattern. I started in one corner, but as you can see it’s now extended.. I am hoping to have the whole top section done in multiple colours, then seal it with this new acrylic / modge podge replacement the man at the craft store recommended.

My mom is coming for six weeks shortly and I want to impress her with my new craftiness and home making ability.

(I have a track record from childhood of a “short attention span” and “impetuousness” …oh candy crush level unlocked.)