Home (?)

Solutions work a lot faster when you come home, because of family and friends.

So, 10 days later, I’m relatively sorted with a place to stay, but now I’m bored.

I have enough of a savings buffer that I can eat and take care of essentials (but not so much that I can fill up my free time with shopping, or going on extravagant trips or to music festivals).

I have places to stay (thank you friends!).

I could even work full time apparently (but that’s not the point right now).

I spent my employment wishing for this free time, and will spend my unemployment trying to deal with an excess of free time.

This is a conundrum buddhists deal with by trying to focus on the present moment. I’m trying to focus on all the food I’ve missed in my absence, and can now eat:

T & T Dragon roll and Jasmine tea (with coconut)



2 thoughts on “Home (?)

  1. I feel the same way! Every time I find myself between jobs I wake up and wail, “My life has no purpose!”. Yet when I`m in the middle of an academic year I yearn for free time. The grass is always greener, eh? Yulia

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