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These are my Nike Lunarglides.

I have weird knees, or weird feet, or I run in a weird way that affects my knees. A co-worker recommended these to me, and I bought them off Ebay during a time when I felt that winning a bid on Ebay was like winning an actual prize (it’s not) (you still need to pay).

I’ve loved these shoes.

I wore these runners on the seawall in Vancouver, I wore them to bootcamp in Australia, on my first hikes in Oz through the Connondale, on the Annapurna trek at camp and through the streets of Kathmandu.

We’ve had a fantastic relationship. These days, on their last legs, we are into¬†probably their most important mission. We are running nearly 4 times a week, sometimes alone and sometimes with what I will be referring to as the Sad Ladies Running club. The sad ladies are usually less sad after a run and the eventual exhaustion which takes place after a long run.

Running is therapy.

There is not much that can’t be temporarily fixed with some Jay-Z and physical exhaustion.

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