Waiting for Sunrise in Egypt

From Kath or Kate

kath or kate


I have been thinking about Egypt.

A few days ago, a tourist bus exploded in the Sinai, en-route to Israel from St. Catherines. The militant group, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis has warned all tourists to leave Egypt “before it is too late”.

The Australian government has advised potential tourists to “Reconsider your need to travel” for Egypt overall, and warned “Do not travel” for the Northern Sinai region.

Prior to the Arab Spring, or Egyptian revolution, while I was working in Turkey – a group of friends and I decided to go to Egypt during a one week break from teaching. From the US, Canada and the UK, we ranged widely in interest and travel experience. Our itinerary included a few days in Cairo, to see the Pyramids and then a Bedouin led excursion in the Sinai, followed by a trip to Mt. Sinai and St. Catherines, Dahab and Sharm El…

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