D.I.Y of the week(end)


This was a $5 table at the salvos (we’re Australian now.. salvation army). The table was supposed to live outside, but as the dog started using our outside furniture to escape, and it was the ideal size for a coffee table – the outside crummy table was soon the centrepiece of our living room. This weekend I did a touch up paint. Inspired by some colourful placemats (and after a few glasses of home made beer) (I am supporting my partners hobbies!)

I decided to do a stencil dot pattern. I started in one corner, but as you can see it’s now extended.. I am hoping to have the whole top section done in multiple colours, then seal it with this new acrylic / modge podge replacement the man at the craft store recommended.

My mom is coming for six weeks shortly and I want to impress her with my new craftiness and home making ability.

(I have a track record from childhood of a “short attention span” and “impetuousness” …oh candy crush level unlocked.)

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