Make Over!


What I look like most of the time…goofy.


Suggested day time look …


Finally, the suggested night time look…you can tell I don’t really know what to do with my face at this point.

Today I was really lucky to meet some great ladies. I got invited to take part in a make up evaluation for a friend of a friend studying to be a beautician (I think that’s what they are called these days).  As someone who does not wear a lot of make up, it was an unusual experience to sit in a chair for 30 minute intervals having foundation put on my face. It’s also a teensy bit embarrassing, because I really have no make up routine what – so – ever to make small talk about. My only personal saving grace is that I now try to deal with my eyebrows on a regular basis, and did not subject anyone to out of control upper facial hair.

No uni-brow. You can see I’m embracing my femininity everyday

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