MakerBot down

(For more information about what the !@#$ a MakerBot is – please see the tab at the top of the page).

While the design and actual production is pretty straight forward, the machine itself is still sensitive. I am currently on hiatus from the Emu project because we’ve blown a fan. The fan needs to be ordered and shipped from the USA.

The Emu project, so far, has been largely experimental. Because we only have the black and white plastic (PVC, or … another word I can’t remember – I only know that it might be mildly toxic, and I shouldn’t be inhaling it all day) I’ve been painting each figure.

Initially I was working with what I had, before going to an actual craft store. This was nail polish, ModgePodge and sharpie pen. The fumes made me dizzy, I only got through two.

Forest green Joe nail polish with white house paint:ImageOrange Joe nail polish with sharpie pen:


The funny thing is these are probably my favourite two.

After the heavy fumes issue, and a trip to an actual art supply store – stage 2 was to transfer photos onto the Emu – ideally, places where Emu’s live in Australia. Fortunately, we’ve just been up to Northern Queensland, and I have a ton of original photos. I had tried using ModgePodge, but did not like the clumpy effect, so I bought some adhesive spray glue.

ImageThis one was cut without an exacto – knife (large sewing scissors) and glued on with ModgePodge. I like the overall idea, but not the finished product.

Unfortunately, the adhesive I bought works on just about everything – except the plastic the Emu’s are made out of. At $35 a can, I’m waiting until our MakerBot is running again before I reinvest another $35.

Stage 3 – Acrylic paint with ModgePodge (because – see above). ┬áStill a work in progress. Photos posted below: